Extracting Honey At Brookfield Farm Bees And Honey

Brookfield Farm Bees And Honey frames of honey before uncapping, 2012

Before the uncapping

Last posting was about pulling honey at my bee yards.  In my continuing “this happened about 3 weeks ago, but I’m catching up” format this is looking back on extracting that honey.

Honey Uncapping Tub with honey frames in soft light at Brookfield Farm Bees And Honey, Maple Falls, WA

The uncapping tub

I have a very small extraction room:  8 foot by 8 foot (2.4 meters X 2.4 meters – makes much more sence in US measurements).

In that space I have a 20 frame Maxant Extractor, a small table that holds my extraction tub, my bicycle (no nothing to do with extraction, it’s just kept there), and a small heater.  The small size makes it easy to keep the room at 90F while I’m working.

The truly cool thing about my extraction set up is the tilting extractor stand that my husband, a fabulous woodworker, built for me.

Maxant 20 Frame Honey Extractor on Brookfield Farm Tilting Stand

Going For The Last Drop

You can see and read more about it at in last year’s extraction blog.

Other than that, extraction is pretty standard.  Thus more photos than anything else.

The honey was so clear that you could see down to the foundation in both the Mountain Wildflower honey and the Farm and Field honey.

Uncapped honey frame at Brookfield Farm Bees And Honey, Maple Falls, WA

After uncapping

Low tech : from extractor to bucket

Raw honey flows from honey extractor to bucket at Brookfield Farm, Maple Falls, Washington

A very basic set up

The finished up-river product : Mountain Wildflower from The Mt. Baker Foothills.

A jar of Mountain Wildflower honey from Brookfield Farm Bees And Honey, Maple Falls, WA

All Finished

That’s the excitement in the honey extraction room at Brookfield Farm Bees And Honey in Maple Falls, Washington – hope all your extraction went well.

About brookfieldfarmhoney

Brookfield Farm, a small off-grid apiary in Maple Falls, WA focuses on the beauty and bounties of Washington’s wilderness. I sell honey from our bees, whose naturally-treated, antibiotic-free hives are home to bees who fly Washington’s mountains and farmlands. Herbal salves and lip balms from Brookfield beeswax. Delicately infused honeys and vinegars. Varietal honeys from independent Washington beekeepers. Karen Edmundson Bean: beekeeper, photographer. Her love of the wilderness inspires her to discover new ways of bringing the wonders of nature to others. Brookfield Farm : the tastes, textures, sounds, and images of nature.
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4 Responses to Extracting Honey At Brookfield Farm Bees And Honey

  1. Mkong Philip Yunji says:

    It is lovely. I need assistance from you. I produce organic white and amber honey in mount Oku. I lack appropriate parceling and whole sales. 4 tons in stock

    • Wow, what a lovely place, I had to look up Mount Oku. But I can’t really help you. I’m just a small scale beekeeper who also markets honey from my own state in the US (Washington state). And I can’t really think of who you would talk or write to – it is way out of my league. Good luck.

  2. I love your honey labels – they are beautiful! How do you like your Maxant Extractor? I am thinking of getting one for next year. This would be a great post to share with my readers on my beekeeping blog hop. Check it out! http://www.beverlybees.com/beeline-buzz-hop-1/

    • Hi Beverly – I love my Maxant Extractor. It’s well made, and easy to figure out (an important aspect for me, I’m not mechanically inclined but I always like to know how things work). It’s also easy for two people to move. I like your site, too.

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