Overwintering Nucleus Hives Atop Strong Hives

Nuc on top of Strong hive: Wrapped for Winter

Ready to face the snow: nucleus hive on a full hive under wraps

Nuc and Strong Hive Ready For Winter

A nucleus hive (nuc) is on top of a full hive. Both are wrapped in tar paper and have a piece of asphalt roofing tied onto their top. The photo shows the back of the full hive and the front entrance of the nuc – the space half-way up the tower.

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3 Responses to Nuc on top of Strong hive: Wrapped for Winter

  1. what was that thing in the video

    • Which video? I went to the page that your post mentioned (if everything was working right) and I didn’t see a video. Let me know what the url was and if you can describe which item (like where in the time line it is, or the shape) – I have a few odd things that I use in the beeyard

    • OK, I’ve figured it out. Not a video, the picture? It is a piece of asphalt roll roofing (what is used to roof flat or nearly flat roofs) – odd to find it here as those roofs don’t meet snow load standards. It is thick, water rolls off it. But it’s easy to cut and if it rips in the wind, it’s cheap to replace (and I use the ripped bits in other areas on the farm). Hope that helps

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